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Designer: Howard R. Green

Total Project Cost: $4 million

The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary Sewer District owns and operates approximately 125 miles of sewer along with 64 sanitary lift stations and the wastewater treatment plant located northeast of Milford, Iowa. The District treats an average of 3.7 million gallons of wastewater a day. The facility’s lifts (pumps) were originally installed in the 1970s.

Story was hired as the general contractor to remove and replace pumps, process pipe and electrical systems inside seven small lift stations and nine larger ones; 14 in East Okoboji and two in surrounding areas. The project also included the replacement of pipe/valves at 41 air release/vacuum manholes.

Each lift station had to have its contents pumped into semi trucks and offloaded to a separate site. Once the process started, the team had a window of time in which to complete the pumping, cut and replace the piping, install the isolation valve and get back online.

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