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Eurofins Scientific Air Handler

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Designer: RS&H

Located in Europe but with over 800 labs throughout 47 countries, Eurofins Scientific is a biotechnology company focused on testing and analyzing biological substances. Its Des Moines lab is especially focused on analyzing the nutritional content of feed, commodities, pet food, human food an dietary supplements. 

Eurofins' Des Moines lab - which was originally a bank - was experiencing issues related to negative air pressure in the building due to the use of laboratory fume hoods. A larger air handler unit was required to equalize the indoor and outdoor pressure of the building. Eurofins hired Story construction to be the general contractor to handle the demolition of walls and ceilings, pouring of footings, and erection of structural steel through the existing ceiling and roof of the building to support the larger air handling unit. 

"The Story team really did a great job helping us price out options that would fit within our budget," said Bradley Eggers, Business Unit Manager at Eurofins. "Their lean philosophy fit well with ours, and it helped this building process complete on time and under budget."

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