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Designer: SVPA Architects, Inc.
Project Size: 172,600 square feet

Story Construction was selected to serve as the construction manager-agent for the Keokuk Community School District to reconfigure and remodel two elementary schools and complete a $12.9 million major renovation to Keokuk High School. After nearly two years of continuous work, successfully completed the projects on schedule in November 2012.

George Washington and Hawthorne Elementary School Reconfigurations & Renovations
The district’s two elementary schools were reconfigured to more equitably serve students. George Washington Elementary went from being a 1-5 building to a school for all of Keokuk’s fourth- and fifth-grade students, while Hawthorne Elementary, which previously was a PreK-5 building, was transformed into a K-3 school. To accommodate the reconfigurations, George Washington received new flooring, paint, a new sprinkler system, ceilings, lights, cabinetry and an upgraded electrical system with new data cabling, while an 8,244-square-foot addition was built at Hawthorne to house six third-grade classrooms, two special education classrooms and a technology classroom.

Keokuk High School Renovations
To maintain the architectural style of the building, Story oversaw the replacement of the school’s original single-pane window system with a high-efficiency tinted window system. Additionally, the school’s media center was expanded to add a dedicated computer lab, restrooms were updated and the school received new interior finishes, a new HVAC system to provide air conditioning and geothermal heating and a new electrical distribution system, lighting and telecommunications upgrades. The high school also benefited from a major renovation of its gymnasium, Wright Fieldhouse, which included installing a new collegiate-length gym floor, bleachers, basketball hoops and backboards and additional storage areas.

Story also completed two projects for the Keokuk Community School District in 2002:

Keokuk Middle School
Story served as the construction manager-agent to build a two-story, 106,900-square-foot middle school. The $9.7 million project was designed using the “learning neighborhood” concept, where 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade classrooms are each grouped around their own central commons. The neighborhoods, in turn, are organized around the media center, computer labs and other shared facilities. The project also included building a cafeteria, gymnasium and specialty classrooms for music, art and industrial technology.

Hawthorne Elementary School Additions & Remodel
Story served as the general contractor for this $3.2 million project, which included remodeling two older portions of the school and building a new early childhood addition with 10 kindergarten classrooms.

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