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Designer: INVISION Architecture

Project Size: 50,000 square feet

Total Project Cost: $2.2 million

Awards: MBI 2015 Masters Award

Iowa State University’s Willow Hall underwent renovation of its 272 dorm rooms and 15 storage rooms this summer. While students were away on break, Story went to work to complete this eight-floor project in just 57 days. The project included demolition of existing case work in each dorm room; furring out the exterior wall and interior walls; applying spray foam at the exterior wall; painting each room and laying down flooring throughout the space. In addition, the crews revised the buildings electrical to accommodate new fixtures and other devices. Because the elevator was being worked on by another contractor at the same time, Story provided access to each floor via scaffolding erected on the east side of Willow and interior platforms on each floor. A manned hoist transported crews and materials into and out of the residence hall each day for the duration of the project. To accommodate the accelerated schedule as well as tight quarters, work progressed from the eighth floor down to the first with each floor split into quadrants. Crews had one day to complete an activity (or a step of an activity) in one quadrant; there were typically nine rooms per quadrant. As you can guess, coordinating these efforts among the crews was important to meeting the project’s timeline; demolition started on May 13 and by mid-August Willow Hall was ready for the students to move into their newly refurbished surroundings.

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