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DSM River Project
DSM River Project 2

Designer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Vast experience with concrete and water control structures makes Story Construction a valuable bid package contractor on federal infrastructure projects. Major floods in Iowa’s recent history have caused officials to strengthen the state’s water control structures, including many of its levees and dams, to prevent further damage to communities situated near lakes and rivers. In 2011, Story completed work as a bid package contractor for two major projects along the Des Moines River initiated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Birdland Park Levee System
In June, Story finished work pouring concrete for five new and existing gate well structures and a new headwall and monolith structure for the Birdland Park Levee System, which is responsible for providing flood protection to downtown Des Moines. After failing during the floods of 2008 and damaging scores of homes and businesses, the Birdland Levee was deemed a priority by the Army Corps of Engineers, which contracted with Ceres Environmental Services for a three-year, $12.2 million reconstruction project. In addition to making the levee wider and taller than its predecessor, the project included reinforcing shorelines, installing new gates and repairing pump stations to provide Des Moines with a more reliable flood line than ever before.

Lake Red Rock Dam
Further downstream, at the dam that feeds Lake Red Rock, Story worked as a bid package contractor for Kovilic Construction to repair damage to the reservoir’s flood control facilities and mechanical systems that was caused by the floods of 2008 and 2010. This project consisted of building a new concrete platform and bulkhead system that juts out 65 feet into 15,000-acre lake, which included constructing a stairway and platform to access the bulkhead and forming and placing concrete for the bulkhead/platform structure and curbs, plates and angles. Because work required the access road to be shut down and traffic detoured, Story’s ability to complete the quick-turnaround job in just six weeks was instrumental to the project’s success.

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