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TR Winery Meeting Room
TR Winery Tanks
TR Winery Wine Tasting

Designer: Story Design, Ltd.

Project Size: 11,900 square feet

Awards: ABC Project Award of Excellence

Story Construction was selected to serve as the design-builder for Tassel Ridge to construct an 11,900-square-foot winery in Mahaska County, Iowa. The structure includes a lower level with concrete walls and slabs built into the hillside and an upper level pre-engineered metal building with a standing seam metal roof.

The lower level of the winery consists of a receiving dock, crushing and destemming area, tank room, bottling area, quality control lab and a temperature-controlled storage room. A wine tasting bar and gift shop are on the upper level. The “bridge area” provides the public a bird’s-eye view of the wine making process from start to finish. While glass walls separate the fermentation tanks from the public, there are some open air areas that allow the public to experience the sights and smells of the wine-making process.

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