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Designer: Prochaska & Associates, Inc. 

Project Size: 56,000 sq. ft.

With their existing facilities lacking in security, convenience and geographic relevance, Marshalltown’s police and fire departments badly needed updated facilities that could serve the city. In the spring of 2017, voters provided that opportunity by approving a $17.5 million bond for a new joint building for the police and fire departments. 

Construction of the building began shortly afterward in the fall of 2017. The building is 54,000 sq. ft. and includes detention cells, interview rooms, a safe room, an evidence collection room, a 911 dispatch center, fire department living quarters, a large fitness room, several break rooms, three kitchens, a seven-door apparatus bay and a separate garage for police vehicles. Marshall County’s 911 operations are also located in this new building. With the City of Marshalltown growing to the south in recent years, the new facility is also located in a place that allows first responders to reach that area quicker than before. 

“This building project is something our community needed for decades,” said Marshalltown Chief of Police Michael Tupper. “Our new facility allows us to provide 21st century police services which will enhance the overall safety of our community.”

With construction taking place throughout all of 2018, those on site were in Marshalltown to witness the July 19th tornado that ripped through the city.

“The weather immediately took a turn for the worse, so we took shelter for a while,” said Jace Christensen, Story’s project engineer for the facility. “Once it cleared our area, we watched the tornado make its way through the east side of the town. It was just surreal.”

Little to no damage occurred on site from the tornado, but it served as a clear reminder why it’s important to have a facility that adequately supports the city’s first responders.

“Mike, Ethan and Jace came to work each day with the goal of making sure the City of Marshalltown was receiving a quality product,” Chief Tupper said. “Our building project was a huge success and came in on budget, thanks directly to their efforts and the resources they brought to the project table.”

The City of Marshalltown celebrated the opening on the evening of Sept. 24 with a ribbon cutting event. Hundreds of Marshalltown residents showed up in support of the police and fire departments, and the city held several more open houses in the following weeks.

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