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Gilbert CSD Band Room
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Designer: Haila Architecture+Structure+Planning

Project Type: Additions & Renovations

In April 2018, voters in the Gilbert Community School District approved a $14 million bond issue that the District would spend on additions and upgrades at its four buildings.

Gilbert's elementary school received mechanical and electrical upgrades, along with temperature controlled renovations throughout the building. Eight classrooms at the intermediate building were renovated with new carpet, ceilings and paint, in addition to HVAC and control upgrades. 

At the District's middle school, a multipurpose room addition provided a new activities entrance and is available for wrestling practice and other physical education activities. The new entrance will allow sporting event patrons direct access to the gymnasium without having to enter through the school's main entrance. Another addition features four classrooms to provide additional academic space and lockers. 

Gilbert High School's building received three additions - a band room addition and renovation, a two-story classroom addition that features two general use classrooms and a new art room, and a testing kitchen addition. The band room addition doubled the size of the original band room to accommodate growing participation in band among Gilbert students. Expansion of the vocational technology area tripled the size of their existing space, and the existing art rooms were transformed into a new science classroom. 

"I found working with Story Construction to be an incredibly positive experience," noted Lindsey Beecher, Superintendent for the Gilbert Community School District. "I completely trusted their construction management system and I knew they cared about the outcome of the project as much as we did." 

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