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The Two-Sided Coin Called Service

July 30, 2015

The more you give, the more you get. I have experienced this adage and I trust you have too. From time to time in the busyness of life, it is good to be reminded of its meaning. In this issue, we are featuring our CFO Steve Tenney for his service; not only to Story and our partners, but in the successful completion of his term as National Chairman of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). In the last four years, as Steve has ascended through the chairs of leadership for CFMA, he has traveled significantly for his role by attending national and chapter events. He has cauliflower ear from countless hours spent on conference calls. He has participated in strategic planning and execution for the association and its membership. He has given a lot. I know Steve has been pushed from his comfort zone from time to time doing this work. I know that he holds himself and those he works with accountable for effort and results. I know that he expects his work at Story to be excellent while doing the work of the association excellently too; no one is to suffer. There is a lot at stake here, a lot of people counting on him to carry the water in his role. Steve gets a lot from his involvement in CFMA: trusting relationships around the country, leadership development, a wider perspective, a sense of accomplishment, professional nourishment and frequent flier miles. I know he gets a lot when I ask about a particular trip, meeting or event. His response is almost always accompanied by a smile, a story, a positive attitude, some self-reflection and a resolve to keep improving. He has given a lot. He has gotten a lot. This is the two-sided coin called service, and it is very cool to see in someone you know well. Congratulations Steve! And thanks to CFMA for giving Steve the opportunity to serve.

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