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Construction Management for Public Schools

The construction management-agent (CM-agent) delivery system has proven to be very beneficial when it comes to building projects for public schools. Not only does a CM-agent bring construction expertise to school projects that results in improved quality, but the process can also maximize cost-reduction opportunities and help districts with limited...
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Transitions are all around us; it seems we are always in some state of change in our personal, family or professional lives. Our son, Jack, recently went from being a high school student living at home to a college student attending Luther, and while he is doing well, our home...
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Design-Build for Senior Living Communities

Since Story Construction created its subsidiary, Story Design, Ltd., in 1996 to enhance its in-house architectural and engineering design capabilities, Story has been using the design-build construction method to bring cost and scheduling efficiencies to projects throughout Iowa while delivering high-quality results that closely match their owners' vision. Design-build is...
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What Do You Expect?

My oldest son, Jack, is heading off to Luther College this fall to extend his competitive running career and get an education while doing so. As he eagerly approaches this next season of life, my wife and I are discussing the expectations we have regarding this experience. So far, we’ve...
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Striving for What Matters Most

I have spent much of my life striving for things – never satisfied, always seeking to improve, to accomplish, to try, to experience. Striving. I had an experience over Spring Break that may explain where some of this comes from. I attended the national AGC conference in Hawaii and was...
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Construction Manager for Leed Project in the Public Sector

Story Construction has participated in many green projects over the past five years, including the Marshalltown Public Library. Our team has been very successful navigating the LEED process for this important project, and we are proud to announce it was certified a LEED Gold project. This white paper is a...
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Complex Problems

It seems like the problems we are tasked to solve in our projects or personal lives are increasingly complex. These problems have several variables. The direction any variable takes has an impact on another variable. In other words, if something moves upward, it means something else must move downward. It...
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Managing Me

I coach a baseball team for my 10 year old son, Nate. I learn a lot in coaching boys this age. I already know a lot about baseball skills, drills, game management, situations, rules, etc. I learn a lot, though, about trying to see the game through their eyes, trying...
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A Team Sport

When we hear the term “economic development,” it can conjure up many images – industrial parks, tax increment financing, new jobs, tax credits, company recruitment, business retention, entrepreneurs, investment, growth, and yes, design and construction (music to my ears). Economic development is not any one of these things; it is...
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Run to the Pain

My oldest son and my daughter run cross country. It is an awesome sport for them. They get in great shape. They enjoy camaraderie with their friends, teammates, and opponents. Their teams are quite large so they get to meet many new people. They learn about nutrition and training. They...
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