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Managing Expectations

I have a friend who uses this phrase routinely. I always appreciate when he says it because it reminds me that this simple, yet wise, statement is a large part of leadership. When working with clients on projects, it is important for us to articulate reality in timing, cost, scope,...
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The Masters

How awesome would it be to wear the green jacket? To stride up the 18th green at Augusta. To share in the past Champions dinner year after year. And to remember a time when you were best among your peers. I can see it, just not with my golf game....
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The Two-Sided Coin Called Service

The more you give, the more you get. I have experienced this adage and I trust you have too. From time to time in the busyness of life, it is good to be reminded of its meaning. In this issue, we are featuring our CFO Steve Tenney for his service;...
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Off the Grid

I went to New Mexico’s Philmont Scout Ranch with my son, Nate, and his Boy Scout troop this summer. We trekked 110 miles in 12 days in the mountains with a 45-pound pack for most of those miles. I was off the grid for nearly two weeks, which in my...
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First Draft, Worst Draft

I heard the phrase “first draft, worst draft” from a high school senior speaker, Cole Andersen, at Ames High’s 2014 commencement. He had me at hello. What a powerful statement. The essence of the speech was: it is important to start somewhere and improve upon it. Being a student at...
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Staying Cool

My brother, Rick, is a college baseball coach. He coaches the Manchester University Spartans, a D3 school from northeast Indiana. My brother is very cool. His team had a phenomenal season this year, going 39-7-1. They reached the D3 College World Series in Appleton, WI, over Memorial Day weekend. While...
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Transitions are all around us; it seems we are always in some state of change in our personal, family or professional lives. Our son, Jack, recently went from being a high school student living at home to a college student attending Luther, and while he is doing well, our home...
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What Do You Expect?

My oldest son, Jack, is heading off to Luther College this fall to extend his competitive running career and get an education while doing so. As he eagerly approaches this next season of life, my wife and I are discussing the expectations we have regarding this experience. So far, we’ve...
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Striving for What Matters Most

I have spent much of my life striving for things – never satisfied, always seeking to improve, to accomplish, to try, to experience. Striving. I had an experience over Spring Break that may explain where some of this comes from. I attended the national AGC conference in Hawaii and was...
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Complex Problems

It seems like the problems we are tasked to solve in our projects or personal lives are increasingly complex. These problems have several variables. The direction any variable takes has an impact on another variable. In other words, if something moves upward, it means something else must move downward. It...
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