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Design-Build for Senior Living Communities

September 12, 2012

Since Story Construction created its subsidiary, Story Design, Ltd., in 1996 to enhance its in-house architectural and engineering design capabilities, Story has been using the design-build construction method to bring cost and scheduling efficiencies to projects throughout Iowa while delivering high-quality results that closely match their owners' vision.

Design-build is an especially beneficial method for senior living communities to consider as they look to expand, remodel and modernize. The process ensures continuity of ideas and communication between the design team and the construction team while welcoming owner participation. In 2011, Green Hills Retirement Community in Ames, Iowa, selected Story to serve as its design-builder for an extensive expansion and remodeling project. This white paper uses the Health & Wellness Project as a case study to detail the process and explain the benefits of the design-build construction delivery system for senior living communities.

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