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August 14, 2009

We have been working for several years to develop strategic thinking as a discipline at Story. Strategic planning is one of the tools of this discipline that we have engaged our employees in for many years. Strategic planning is not an event, but rather a series of events and exercises that help us bring focus to the intentional direction we take the company.

Once we establish our direction, strategic planning is an effort of developing, executing, modifying, and completing action plans that take us in our chosen direction. These action plans often cross functional lines within the company and require significant effort to deliver. Once complete/implemented, however, the idea is to have strategy intersect with standard operating procedure to achieve a state of “new normal.” New normal is not defined by its perfection, but rather a consistent, sustained effort to do the right things the new way with an eye on continuously improving the process.

In this edition of the StoryLine (Strategic Planning 2009), you will see the major elements of our strategic plan. It is our commitment to share this plan beyond our employees and families. In this journey to develop strategic thinking as a discipline, we are learning that we need your help to make our planning and execution better. In other words, our strategies not only cross functional lines within Story, but they cross functional and contractual lines within our industry relationships and on our projects; and we need your help and engagement in this plan to make it better than we can make it ourselves.

How can you help?

  • Ask us about our plan to gain insight and understanding.
  • Share your best practices that relate to our plan.
  • Join with us to apply strategic thinking to the work we do together on projects.
  • Call to our attention strategic insights you have that you believe we can benefit from.

Please join us as we continue the development of strategic thinking as a discipline.

Mike Espeset

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