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A Milestone Birthday - 75 Years

July 14, 2009

In 2009, Story is 75 years old. Our company began as James Thompson & Sons in 1934. (We cannot find the exact date in our records.) We established the name Story Construction in 1976 and consolidated all company operations into Story in 1982. We have experienced five major generational transitions of ownership in those 75 years; two Thompson family transitions and three employee transitions.

We started our annual stockholder meeting in March of this year by asking our current shareholders about the significance of this milestone birthday from their perspective. Our shareholders used words and phrases like – perseverance, adaptable, honor, legacy, stewardship, proud, privilege. Additionally there was unanimous agreement that none of us wished to be present for the 150 year milestone birthday.


This was a special stockholder meeting as well in that it was the first meeting for five new shareholders invited to purchase stock in the company. It is all part of our continued commitment of employee-ownership and company perpetuation. It is one of the things that keeps Story strong and creates an opportunity for others in the future.

Please join me in welcoming these new shareholders to Story on this milestone birthday. They are now part of the Story lore and legacy in another way that helps to create our future too.

Mike Espeset

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