You don’t have room for empty promises.

Since we opened our doors as a general contractor in 1934, we’ve built a reputation based on integrity. And those aren’t just words.

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Still dreaming about your project? We can work with that.

We offers the conceptual thinking and project leadership to expedite the process so you’re able to move in quicker and start operations sooner.

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Story provides leadership and predictable for positive results.

As a professional CM company, we augment your organization’s staff with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure the best possible project outcome.

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Story has rewarding opportunities where you can use your skills and make a difference.

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Quiet competence
enduring leadership
steadfast integrity

To know Story is to understand we don’t just talk about our core values, we live them. Every day. On every project. In every dealing. We seek employees, partners and clients who believe what we believe. Because we know the more values we share, the stronger and more fruitful the relationship.

  • Honest– We are straightforward and truthful in dealing with our employees, business partners, and customers.
  • Fair – We treat each other fairly. We accept responsibility when we own it, and we expect you to do the same.
  • Integrity – We are a company and people of our word. We do the right thing and do it well; whether anyone sees it or we get credit for it.
  • Hardworking – We put in the time, energy and effort to keep our commitments and deliver excellent work. We can forgive many missteps, but not lack of effort.
  • Helpful – Construction is a profession of doing. At Story, it is also a culture of helping. Our people grow, our business partners succeed, and our customers prosper when we help them in both obvious and subtle ways.
  • Planful – In all our pursuits, we believe planning leads to a high likelihood of success. It is key to maintaining productive, safe, fulfilled teams that deliver.

I personally invite you to call me to discuss how Story, by living our core values, will make your next project both successful and rewarding.

Mike Espeset, President
Direct Line: (515) 817-2605

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